Yard sale finds Jan 29 2017

I found these awesome punk shirts at a yard sale in East Los Angeles on a Sunday morning.  It was up the street from the home I lived in until the age of 8.  I love both of these two bands and they helped change some of my views and shape the way I view certain things in life. Even though these shirts are too small for me to wear I couldn’t pass them up.


Vintage flea market finds Super Bowl Sunday 2017

Pink floyd the wall tee. I love this album and the shirt is hard to find. I was surprised to stumble upon this one especially for 2$.

Hands down my favorite tv show ever to watch. I’m always on the lookout for original tees like this one. At 10 bucks was a steal in my opinion.

Down by law, a 90s punk band. The 90s were in my opinion the best era for punk and skating . I didn’t purchase this hat but I wanted to capture and share the find anyway. If I see it next time I’m picking it up.