breaking news (sort of)

So I may be receiving this news a tad late (my apologies ) , but I was pleasantly made aware that the lame tight Jean fad may be interrupted by a re emerging of JNCO, a brand which promotes baggy jeans. This brought a smile to my face as I have been anticipating a comeback of the great 90’s skate fashion which is/was baggy pants colorful tees and matching bulky laces on your wide skate shoes. So pick up a pair of oversized jeans, cut the bottoms and join the latest trend which is actually yesterday’s trend. Visit the JNCO website to offer your support…1110106


controversial ads sell


Ads like these are all too common in skateboarding. In fact it sells, reason being the target demographic likes the sarcastic approach that companies such as Duffs shoes and Blind skateboards has taken in the past. Board sales went up when Steve Rocco launched this ad…


One of my personal favorites.